About MCS Personnel

MCS Personnel, Inc. was formed over twenty years ago for the purpose of providing companies with needed personnel, and to find our workforce the jobs they seek for their futures. MCS Personnel, Inc. has fulfilled its commitment to both its companies and its personnel, which has led to its continued growth.

MCS Personnel is unique – it is a female-owned business. There is no competition within the company – our competitiveness is put to work in establishing MCS for the future.

MCS Personnel is a skilled division in the temporary service business. Our client base is solely heavy industrial companies seeking qualified personnel as the need arises. Their expectations and requirements are met on the first person sent – not the second or third. Our aim has been and always will be to send the applicant best qualified for the available position– whether it be a temporary or temporary-to-permanent position. Along with being qualified in the metropolitan area, it is also important to find the applicant living closest to the client, which helps assure their continuation at the company.

Mrs. Brenda Morris, President, began MCS Personnel over two decades ago. Before forming MCS Personnel, she was promoted to Branch Manager over two skilled divisions after only eight months in sales at another temporary service. She was part of a two-person team that formed an Independent Promotion Company servicing every major record label and artist. By the time the team dissolved, it had become the second largest Independent Promotion Company in the United States with its base in Houston, Texas.

What We Expect From Our Clients

Due to the expansion of business in the Houston area, the growing Houston economy brings with it a multitude of problems – and solutions. MCS Personnel, Inc. has answered the need of client companies seeking a trusted, proven, problem solver. The secret to our success lies in listening to the true needs of our Clients – not only answering their current needs, but being ready for the needs they will have in the future. MCS Personnel, Inc. prides itself in working as an extension of the Client company – not as another problem for it to solve. The art of asking the right questions to truly solve the Client company’s needs comes first. MCS Personnel, Inc. takes pride in finding the answers to each Client’s needs on the first try – not the second. MCS Personnel, Inc. has continued to grow due to this philosophy.

Each Client expects and deserves not only attention to employee placement, but attention to the future of their company and its future needs. MCS Personnel, Inc. prides itself in anticipating those future needs and being ready with the proper personnel at critical times when a Client’s productivity could be affected. The unexpected need for personnel is always a challenge to any agency – MCS Personnel, Inc. thrives on the unexpected and enjoys the feeling of success that comes with completing the challenge for our Clients.

Every company has their own special requirements where temporary personnel are concerned. It is the job of MCS Personnel, Inc. to know those requirements and meet them with each temporary employee sent to each client. If required, MCS Personnel, Inc. will provide to Client companies copies of background checks, drug tests, MVR checks, safety tests, and any other information required. Also, MCS Personnel, Inc. makes sure that employee is notified of — and brings to work — all safety equipment required in order to work for Client company. Safety/Injury Procedures: It is the job and the responsibility of the Sales Representatives of MCS Personnel, Inc. to speak with each Client regarding the safety procedures in place for each temporary sent to Client company..

Safety is a Priority

SAFETY IS A PRIORITY for MCS Personnel, Inc. as it is to our Clients. Each employee of MCS Personnel, Inc. is to be treated in the same way as an employee of our Client company. Safety requirements/training required of Client’s personnel must also be provided to any temporary worker from MCS Personnel, Inc.

In the event of an injury to any of its workers, MCS Personnel, Inc. is to be notified immediately. The priority if an injury occurs is the worker. Client will be provided with information regarding where its employee is to be sent or taken. MCS Personnel, Inc. must be given an injury report. It is then the responsibility of a representative of MCS Personnel, Inc. to go to its Client company, visit with the immediate supervisor of the worker, take a more detailed report, and speak with any witnesses to the incident.

Once the report of injury is received, MCS Personnel, Inc. will review the report to make sure that there are no safety issues that need to be addressed, and that there are no changes that might need to be made in order to protect workers in the future.

Client company must apply all of its safety requirements to each temporary worker sent by MCS Personnel, Inc. If there is a safety infraction made by an employee of MCS Personnel, Client company is to notify MCS Personnel, Inc. Client is to hold each temporary worker to the same standards it holds its own workers. If a safety infraction constitutes dismissal, Client company is to notify MCS Personnel, Inc. If the safety infraction requires a warning, MCS Personnel, Inc. is to be notified, and the warning will be given in writing to the employee.

MCS Personnel, Inc. will deliver checks each week to its personnel. At that time, it is requested that Client company inform its Sales Representative of any problems it may be having with any of MCS Personnel, Inc.’s employees.

Payroll Personnel

MCS Personnel, Inc. provides payrolling as a service to companies in need of a cost-effective tool. Payrolling is a solid option for Client companies that are in businesses with huge upswings/downswings in business, as well as for Client companies that have seasonal businesses. Payrolling allows clients the growth required in the personnel needed without making the workers permanent employees of their company – those workers may be payrolled through MCS Personnel, Inc. as its employees. Payrolling can save Clients the costs that come along with hiring permanent employees. Additionally, payrolling is an option that may be used in order to determine whether or not a company has indeed found their permanent employee. Payrolling may be used for as little as a week or as a means to handle business without the inherent costs that go along with permanent employees. It can be a hiring tool or an effective way to conduct business. MCS Personnel, Inc. is willing to work with Client companies to help them make their businesses more efficient and productive through payrolling.